Sam Dhat

Scientist, India


The man behind the winning formulas

Sam Dhatt was groomed from a young age to be the best he can be. With a father that served in the Indian Army and stay at home mother, he had the best of both worlds. His parents instilled in him a combination of discipline and drive but also a strong sense of compassion. These fundamental core values sculpted Sam into the master chemist he is today.

Growing up in India Sam knew that he wanted a career in science and business. He was fascinated by the pursuit of scientific advancement. At university Sam obtained his MBA and MS in Chemistry, where he also inspired and helped other students to grow. It came as no surprise that he became a gold medalist MSC and valedictorian for his MBA graduating class.

After marrying and becoming a father, he moved his family to America to follow the ‘American Dream’. Started as a box maker for a computer company, he held down two jobs when he was fortuitously head hunted by the owner of a cosmetic company. She saw Sam’s potential and offered him a job as a compounder. It was at this moment that Sam’s career in the cosmetics industry began.

He has since formulated with many Fortune 500 companies creating the latest in advanced skin care and was one of the first to work with alpha hydroxy acids and peptides earning him the nickname “The peptide man”

His passion and tenacity made him his first million dollars from his garage, but Sam struggled to keep up with the demand for his products, which stunted the growth of the business. As Sam’s wife saw him grow as a master chemist, she prompted him to turn his trials and tribulations into successes and start his own official business, and so in 1995 Allure Labs was born.

The 85,000 square foot facility is fitted with specialized machineries to maximize production standards and enable advanced manufacturing methodologies, ensuring that Allure is always a step ahead when it comes to the latest innovations in skincare to deliver unparalleled results.

Expansion is on the horizon for Allure Labs with a new 150,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility which is to be fitted with the latest equipment. The additional space will drive innovation and provide the much-needed space to accommodate the astronomical growth of both brands.

Sam poured his skills, values and knowledge into the formulas he and his team develop creating world-class innovations that would stay ahead of the curve and make use of the latest and most efficient ingredients and technologies including, high potency retinol, peptides, plant stem cells, airless pumps, zinc-oxide and titanium dioxide to name a few. These significant role-players are still at the forefront of his  success today and the skincare industry as a whole.

Allure Labs and its partners aim for results-driven product lines that addresses a broad variety of consumer’s concerns while instilling the values of cruelty-free production, sourcing and formulation as well as the improvement of education in underprivileged areas and environmental preservation.

This love of overall betterment flows into his corporate governance and guidance with those Sam mentors and brands he helps develop, a true advancement for the results driven medi-spa and clinical skincare.  Needless to say, this is a man to look up to, to follow and admire. He has spent his life not only building a business and career but changing the face of an ever-evolving industry, one skincare product at a time. A true inspiration in the multi-faceted world of skin care.

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