Caroline Glicksman

Plastic Surgeon, USA


In practice since 1992, Dr.Glicksman has authored numerous textbook chapters and peer-reviewed articles. Shelectures nationally and internationally on the management of breast implantcomplications, the diagnosis and correction of breast asymmetry, Breast ImplantIllness, High Resolution Ultrasound, and patient education in breastaugmentation. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the AestheticEducation and Research Foundation (ASERF), Co-Chair of the ASERF ScientificResearch Committee, and is a clinical editor of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.


She is the first woman to serve asa Medical Director for a US breast implant clinical trial (Motiva, EstablishmentLabs). She holds three US patents related to breast surgery and in 2020 she completedher Master's degree in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Law from Seton HallLaw School.

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